Engineering evidence is key to defending credit hire claims

Increasingly over the years, what were once relatively straightforward claims where the key issues were need, rate and duration of hire have evolved into claims where fraud and latterly fundamental dishonesty have been alleged and often found at trial.

In addition to the estimates, invoices, and engineer’s reports any engineer will take photographs. These should be obtained as JPEG images and may be revealing. Both the quantum of repair costs and the nature and extent of the impact, revealed in the photographs, can be probative as to the nature of the collision and the force of any impact.

Rate and duration of hire have evolved into claims where fraud and dishonesty have been alleged

Often however, engineering evidence may be incomplete: if a vehicle has been involved in earlier accidents, or even written off, the question of pre-existing damage may need to be considered and explored further. Equally if a claimant can show that the earlier damage, was in fact repaired, this point may disappear. Yet all too often, photographs of damage are small, badly copied and sometimes placed in black and white in the trial bundle.

Freedom Assessors’ team of experienced and professionally qualified engineers all have a minimum 5 years hands on experience in vehicle damage estimating and assessment and are appropriately qualified via the Institute of Automotive Engineers Assessors (IAEA). They cover most of the UK, delivering on our pledge to complete our inspection and deliver our comprehensive report within 5 days from receipt of instruction.

Our experience and expertise is focused on ensuring all of our client’s requirements are met with accuracy and efficiency, offering a range of services which are second to none in our field of expertise.

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