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Freedom Assessors’ range of services are available to any company or individual who may require completely unbiased, independent vehicle inspection services. We work with many businesses such as Insurance Companies, Brokers, Fleets, MGA/Claims Handlers, and CHO/AMC companies.

Our dedicated team of in-house engineers use the latest estimating platforms

Desktop and Physical
Damage Assessment

Our highly experienced team of qualified  engineers can promptly supply a full range of reports from a desktop assessment or physical inspection. We aim to inspect within 24hrs of instruction, and in order to minimise any disruption to the client we will endeavour to view at the most convenient or practical location.

Images and report notes are electronically forwarded to our office for processing and quality control. Our engineers provide a full spectrum of reports ranging from accident damage assessments, to mechanical failure investigation.

Desktop image reports are invaluable when it is not possible to physically inspect a vehicle due to circumstances. We are able to negotiate costs, authorise repairs, approve supplementary costs, final accounts, repairer account auditing and in certain circumstances provide desktop valuation. Our dedicated team of in-house Engineers use the latest estimating platforms including Jarvis, Audatex and others, and are able to compile a desktop report within hours of receiving images of the damaged vehicle.

Post Repair Inspections
and mediation

We provide post repair inspections and mediation to both insurers and private individuals. A physical examination by one of our experienced engineers can determine, if estimated parts have been fitted, the repairs have been carried out to an  acceptable standard.

We can provide mediation when the quality or extent of repair is disputed. With a growing number of insurance total losses being repaired by owners and returning to use in addition to an MOT many insurers now require an independent engineer to examine the vehicle prior to re-instatement of cover.

Defendant services

Increasingly the industry is seeing repair costs inflate, this can be down to genuine inflation with parts, paint and materials and of course the ever changing technological advances in automotive build.

However, there is also an increase in costs due to over inflated charges being made. At Freedom we are pleased to be able to provide a simple audit and review process to protect you against these practices.


Our experience and expertise is focused on ensuring all of our client’s requirements are met with accuracy and efficiency.


Our engineers are all appropriately qualified via the Institute of Automotive Engineers Assessors (IAEA).


Our team of engineers all have a minimum 5 years hands on experience in vehicle damage estimating and assessment.

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