Qualified Vehicle Engineers: What’s the score?

The ability to assess and correctly appraise a damaged vehicle, to avoid compromising a vehicle’s integrity and safety systems that in turn place the passengers at risk is a pretty fundamental requirement for any Engineer making vehicle accident damage assessments?

With vehicles becoming ever more complex and the technology used in them moving rapidly, the Vehicle Engineer’s role is becoming ever more important and complex, so it’s surprising that so many vehicle engineering companies aren’t more forthcoming about their own Engineers’ qualifications.

Or, in many cases, whether their Engineers have even set foot in a vehicle repair work shop for any meaningful length of time to gain vital knowledge and hands on experience. Many independent Engineers too let their qualifications lapse, which in the fast changing vehicle repair landscape means their expertise can quickly become out-of-date.

Freedom engineers have formidable knowledge of bodyshop repair techniques

A Vehicle Engineers role is becoming ever more important and complex

 Redefining the process
The requirements for estimating and assessing vehicle accident damage have developed over recent years and it has become clear that a change is needed to the old practices that are adopted by many other accident repairers.

There is a distinct need to redefine the whole process and invest to assist and aid the correct appraisal of a damaged vehicle, to avoid compromising a vehicle’s integrity and safety systems that in turn place the passengers at risk.

Our strong, ethical approach means our report content can always be relied on for a truly independent assessment. We can physically examine the vehicle or alternatively, arrange a desktop/image inspection – in both instances being carried out by a fully qualified engineer with extensive experience.

What sets Freedom’s engineers apart from the others?
All Freedom Assessors’ vehicle engineers have a minimum of 5 years working in the automotive industry with hands on experience and all are qualified by the Institute of Automotive Engineering Assessors or Certified Automotive Engineer through the Institute of The Motor Industry. Most are time served engineers with a hands on experience gained from working in a bodyshop or associated industry and are familiar with the skills, knowledge and techniques required to determine vehicle damage, identify the correct safe repair method to return the vehicle back to its pre accident condition. 

Our engineers provide clear, concise and technically accurate vehicle damage assessments. Our inspections are thorough with a detailed and comprehensive repair specification being prepared within 24 hours of instruction. We use the latest estimating technology linked to Thatcham and Manufactures’ data, meaning we will always prioritise a safe and correct repair procedure over cost.

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